About BeyondClassroom

BeyondClassroom was created to champion the shifting of mindsets about the value of learning beyond earning good grades. BeyondClassroom seeks to create a trusted marketplace for people, young and old, to share, discover and learn unique skills.

Imagine living in a world where our children grow up not knowing what jobs and careers are ahead of them. Researches provided insights into job gained and job lost in future organsations while articles have been written about how we live in a time when roughly half of the jobs in 2020 are not yet known to us, and conversely, half of the jobs today will be extinct. Digital transformations in the economy due to the 4th Industrial Revolution bring about constant changes in business imperatives, and as a result, the shelf lives of existing skill sets are increasingly being shortened. Because of this, demand for different core skills that can serve us better in the 21st century has arisen.

Research suggests that between first through twelfth grade, kids spend less than 20% of their learning in school, yet 80% of learning happens informally in families and communities. This is the 80/20 Rule. Our mindset has to change – not about the importance of school – but about the value of learning that happens outside of school.

BeyondClassroom was founded in 2017 in order to address the rising demand for 21st century skills and to change mindsets about the value of learning outside of school.

The courses listed on BeyondClassroom are handpicked carefully to allow people to pick up a wide range of skills with the theme of learning beyond classroom. From Wushu and baking to programming and public speaking, we offer a wide variety of courses to learners of all ages and are constantly looking out for more!

BeyondClassroom is people powered and if you have any feedback for us or would like to work with us, simply leave us a message here or email us at info@beyondclassroom.com!

Our Mission

To create a trusted marketplace for 100 million people, young and old, to share, discover and learn unique skills.

Our Vision

Discover the World through BeyondClassroom

Our Values

Learn with zest and live your life with zest everyday.
Be brave and take action. Nothing can substitute experience.